automates the monitoring of your connected devices.

Automated Health Checks

Never again find out after and incedent that your system was down, our intelligent alerts can send out an email or SMS immediately when a check fails

Granular User Permissions

Grant view only access to your end users, or documentation only access to your technicians


Create perfect documentation with ease that shows your devices, where they are located, where they have been, and how they connect

Onboarding Support

Onboarding support available to help get your devices added

Tech Support

We can provide you with on demand tech support related to remote acccess and troubleshooting your IP devices,


Using our zapier integration you can further tune alerts using services such as OpsGenie

Remote access verification

Dont wait to find out from your customer that they cannot access there system

Hard drive health

Be in the know and replace your hard drive before it fails

No signal detected

Find out when a camera has gone down

Oldest recorded video
Time/Date Check

Accurate time and date are crucial

Camera Tampering/Vandalism
Security Audit

Make sure your devices are not exposed to the internet with default credentials enabled

Times Lapses

Retrieve and render still shots from you cameras live stream that can be rendered into a timelapse video...great for construction projects